Monday, September 15, 2014

cousins and playgrounds

Lots of giggling as Ami pushed Lisie on the swing

The best hang-out spot on a sunny day
Pretty girl
Good times
Mamas and kiddos!
Elise is exhibiting "the baby tree monkey" pose. :)

Well! I have been in survival mode for a while now and have neglected this blog. I've had these pictures ready to post for like, two months now! And a trillion more. We'll see if I ever get to those!

The girls and I spent a week at Aunt Eugenia's house over the summer! Four babies under two and a half! It was a constant rotation of feedings and naptimes—quite the party! We still managed to get out a bit. We took a trip to Outdoor World (the boats and tents were the most fun), the Boy Scout Museum (more boats and tents and derby cars too!) we even went shopping at the mall. All six of us mamas and babies in the dressing room at Ann Taylor, I'll tell you what! While we sat around the house, Eugenia and I organized a trillion baby clothes, painted nails, and ate a lot of ice cream. We went to church at the Chinese branch and ate out at an awesome BBQ place one night and ate steak for breakfast at Applebee's because IHOP was packed. Good quality fun! 

All the while, Elise learned that she could get to what she wanted to go by flipping onto her stomach and rolling onto one side, reaching as far as she could with one arm, then rolling onto her other side, reaching with the other arm. I love that determined baby expression and those outstretched fingers. Little P learned how to walk up the apartment stairs, following Amelie. Baby E was super chill at all times. 

Thanks for having us, E!

(And thanks for Elise's cute romper, mom!)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

two and a half.

My firstborn is two and a half! I somehow forgot to take pictures when she turned two so these half birthday pics will have to do.

What can I tell you about this little miss? She loves pwincess" music (Enchanted, Tangled, Frozen etc). She went through a phase of not wanting to go upstairs for her nightly bath but as soon as Jonathan would put on "Let it Go" on his phone and walk upstairs, she would stop complaining and follow him immediately, ha!

She identifies every plane, train, lawnmower and helicopter within earshot. This happens quite often. Watching the train from the bridge by our house and riding the bus with Daddy are two highlights of her life. She was Daddy's girl for the first three months after Elise was born. They were the best of buds and it was adorable. He'd take her out to play and give her baths every night and they'd listen to music together and she'd tell him to do push-ups whenever a song with a good beat came up. But she's now going through a Mommy phase and insists that I do everything for her. I don't mind, unless it's Elise's bath night and I'm having to bathe two kiddos separately. It's a bit of work!

She is now sleeping in a toddler bed and actually stays in her room to play when she'd rather not nap. What a dream! She always insists that she had a good nap when I come to get her even if she played the entire time. :) But I'll have to say, she did not love the switch from the crib at first. The newfound freedom was stressful. She'd leave her room every five seconds, climb on her bed to flip the lights on and off (we've moved it since) and beg to have her crib back. But she was much better behaved when she roomed with Aunt Julie for a week. Thanks, Julie!

She has a bedtime ritual of using Daddy as a step stool to turn off the lights. She gets a huge kick out of it. :) She always remembers to give hugs and kisses. She kisses me better when I hurt myself.

She describes soft things as "so softie" and gross things as "so gwossie." She combined "pajamas" with "jammies" and calls them "pajammies." Other Ami-isms include "soggy dog" (shaggy dog) and "sorry sauce" (soy sauce).

She really likes to know what things are called (cash register, Desitin, Aquaphor) and likes to tell me what they are for. She surprises me often, for example, pointing to a picture of a grill and telling me it's for cooking hot dogs. A few weeks ago, we made ice cream while she was in bed and I left the ice cream maker on the counter. She eyed it in the morning and I told her I was just cleaning it (half-truth). But when I was emptying the dishwasher, she saw the ice cream maker blade in it and asked almost hysterically, "Did you have fun licking??" Busted! She hasn't seen us make ice cream in months. 

She asks me to draw playgrounds every time we get art supplies out. I have a hard time getting her to draw, even when I tempt her with markers, pens, and a chalk board wall. Part of me hopes she develops a bit of artsy-ness.. is that vain? Every kid likes to draw, right? :) She does like to build things with blocks.

Favorite items include her princess teddy, swaddle blankets, books—especially her storybook from Goong Goong, step stools, ballerina dresses, quarters, multiples of any small item and a basket to put them in. We don't watch a whole lot of TV but she loves "Signing Time" especially quoting the memory devices. "Run: make two L's, hook them together, and make them run!" She also loves quoting the closing line, "We loooove having you at Signing Time. See you next time!" She sings Singing Time songs often ("Five a Day" and "Colors of the Rainbow").

Anyway, about that half birthday. We celebrated with some treats! We bought a mini watermelon because we were pretending to be healthy but ended up with some cupcakes as well. Because, really.

Amelie does love watermelon. She would admire them every time we went to the store even though I don't think she remembered what they tasted like. So we had to have some.

Oh yes! We have another child! Elise got her first taste of solids. Nom! Can you tell we're not first-time parents anymore? "Here, have some watermelon!" *Stuffs it in her face*

I will take any excuse for cupcakes! And of course, so will Amelie.

And just like that, she is that much closer to three. 
Love celebrating this little sunshine! Happy half birthday.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Elise: 4 months

Month four was such a good month! Lots of milestones, especially learning how to put oneself to sleep! Elise is finally recognizing sleep cues and falls asleep almost instantly in the process of getting ready for bed. Sometimes I wake her while I swaddle her and she is not the least bit thrilled.. but seems to be unhappy when not swaddled so that's that. She slept through the night a few times (8 or 9 PM-6 AM) but of course those are my all-nighter nights so it doesn't make a whole lot of difference to me, ha. But! She's finally on a nap schedule! A short morning nap and a long afternoon nap. Sometimes she and Ami will nap all afternoon AT THE SAME TIME. I've gotten a lot done last month, folks. Especially the getting-my-house-ready-for-ten-guests thing!

Elise vs strawberry. 1-0. 

Other things: she smiles and laughs easily. I love it! As you can see from the chomping photos, she likes to stuff everything she can into her mouth. Her fingers and toes especially. She tries her best to cram both feet into her mouths at the same time. Such a cute stage. I haven't found any toys that she's really into yet but she likes to suck on her swaddle blankets. She is a huge thumb sucker. She rolls onto her left side and parks her thumb in her mouth to go to sleep (although her thumb doesn't make it into her mouth sometimes, ha). It makes her happy so I'm happy. Amelie sucked on her fingers at this age as well but that was short-lived. Lisie seems more into it than Ami though. Hope it's not a problem in the future! 

What else. She holds her fluffy face while nursing which makes me melt every time. She does well at tummy time. On her four-month birthday, she rolled from her back to her front and propped herself up on her arms. She was 63.5 cm long and 6.35 kg which I thought was fun. That would be 25 in (80%!) and 14 lbs (60%) and 25% height-for-weight. Shots actually went well. She cried for a bit then went to sleep and woke up happy. What a relief! 

Here's the month-by-month!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Elise's blessing day

We did Elise's baby blessing over Memorial Day weekend 
while we had some family in town.
Jonathan's oldest sister + co were in town for lacrosse games 
and another sister and brother also had reasons 
to be on the East Coast, hooray!

(Thank you, Sarah, for taking these pictures!)

Here's an outtake for good measure. :)

And here is everyone!

It made for a very full (and fun) house! Everyone squeezed into our little home for a few days, minus Ryan and cousin Susan on the left. We were so glad we had so much family around to share this day with us! If you couldn't come, know you were missed!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Elise: month 3

Somehow I corrupted all my memory cards and could only snap a few pictures. Wish I got a few smiley ones (and ones that are a bit more, ahem, centered) but it is what it is. Anyway! I present to you Elise at three months.

Remember when I said she was nowhere near sleeping through the night like Amelie at 10 weeks? Well, she still isn't, BUT! miraculously slept through the night after I pulled three all-nighters working on a Sunday lesson. She was 9 weeks and 6 days old. Well, she either slept through the night or I was too zonked out to hear her/remember getting up. I'll pretend like I know for sure it happened. :)

We can finally make Elise laugh! Mostly by tickling her. She laughs just a little bit at a time. She says "goo" a lot and I kind of love it. She likes blowing bubbles and hearing us sing. She also likes to examine her hands and grab onto her toes. You know, those little baby developments that are always exciting and fun, even if you've seen it all happen before. Still takes short naps (sigh!) but sometimes they last an hour. Not really on much of an eating/sleeping schedule, but I don't keep track. Usually very happy when she wakes up but sometimes becomes grouchy in the morning, yikes! Is sleeping more in her bassinet because I'm making more of an effort to keep her there—I'm getting carpal tunnel issues from holding her at night so my hands tingle when I'm carrying her during the day and when I drive, alas. I call her Leesie-Lu for some reason. Amelie calls her Elisie. Or Elisie-noodle. Not sure where that came from! 

Time for the month-by-month. Look at how much she's grown!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

egg hunt

Oh the thrill of the hunt!
Excavating the eggs Jonathan hid in the mulch :)

One more action shot. The intensity!
Ami loves these girls
Cute friends enjoying the spoils
Elise soaking in the cuddles
The fun continues.. even when the candy is gone!
Spring is finally springing!

We enjoyed a fun egg hunt and brunch with friends the day before Easter. Amelie sure was excited! I bought a package of plastic eggs a few weeks ago and she carried it around the house until I hid them away to keep them from falling apart.. but she still kept finding them, ha!

This concludes my photo-documentation of the weekend. Let it be known that I decorated my house, dressed my family cutely for church, made a fancy Easter dinner entree, and had relatives over including their poodle.. all without having taken a single picture. Ahh well. :) But we lived it up and had a very happy Easter just the same. Hope you enjoyed your weekend with loved ones as well! I sure can't help but feel grateful this season for my sweet little family and the happiness we have.. because of Him.

PS If you were there and not here (on this blog) it was because my SD card is corrupted and won't store a whole lot of pictures anymore. So sorry!

Also, Amelie's first egg hunt!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Elise: 2 months

Umm. Love this girl. Look at those tiny toes!

Month 2. Elise weighs 11.9 lbs. Coos and smiles for us! She loves her big sister, especially her singing. During these pictures, Elise couldn't take her eyes off of her (pictures 2-4). She is still the biggest snuggle bug. Absolutely loves to be held. Can't stay asleep unless held for at least 20 minutes. And still doesn't sleep very well when I put her down. We've given up on the bassinet because she sleeps much better in our bed, sigh! I don't blame her—the pad in the bassinet is very thin and looks so very uncomfortable (but it was good enough for Amelie). Her nap schedule is still all over the place—5 minutes here, 20-40 minutes there. Yikes! She is the most cranky when tired. But she's been sleeping better at night. I feed her a few times but sometimes I don't have to get up to soothe her. Awesome! 

Enjoys kicking and swatting the toys hanging from her swing and bouncer. Still has a fantastic startle reflex. I've left her with Jonathan a few times and she will drink the milk I've pumped for her and even drank some formula a few days ago when I didn't have time to pump. Success!

I keep making the mistake of thinking she'll be the same as Amelie, who slept from 11:00-6:00 starting at ten weeks and laughed her first laugh while awake at exactly two months. She is nine weeks old and one day and we are nowhere near sleeping through the night and Elise has been laughing in her sleep since she was just days old (usually directly after being fed) but hasn't in full consciousness yet. Her eyes are a much clearer color than Ami's was. I wonder how her eyes—and personality—will turn out!

Two weeks ago, we had some gloriously warm weather so I spent two afternoons painting while the girls napped. Elise hardly slept those mornings (and was incredibly cantankerous those evenings), but she napped for hours when I swaddled her and put her in the swing. It was the best thing ever! This mama isn't happy unless she's making things! The first day, I painted some boxes, my sewing machine carrier (it was absolutely necessary, I assure you) and Amelie's Stokke high chair. I'll have to show you sometime. The second afternoon, I painted a chalkboard wall in the nursery. We've done a lot of furniture rearranging around here including switching rooms with Amelie and that's motivated me to make things pretty. Love spring "cleaning!" If only it would stop snowing..

Anyway! Here's the month-by-month comparison!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

a charmed life

These are for my incredibly generous aunt and uncle who sent this
beautiful charm as a birth-day gift to Elise.

Thank you so, so much! I think she likes it. :)

PS These photos were made possible by Jonathan, who put Elise to sleep for me!
Honey, you're amazing!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

gallery wall

Hey! It's been a while! I've been a bit busy around here.. lots of crafting, lots of designing,
lots of baby snuggling, and not a whole lot of sleeping!

I thought I wouldn't have a whole lot of time to make things once Elise came.. and I was absolutely right, of course. But I still squeeze in a project at every opportunity! I put this gallery wall together during one of those rare hours in which both babes were sleeping. Elise was 17 days old.

Why yes the binder clips are spray painted gold.. because who in the entire blogosphere does not like instant glamor-ific gratification? :)

(Shout out to Chris Mann (Lola Rennt poster) and Lucas Gibson (Buy Local poster) for their work here!)

Erm, yes. Unfinished gold leafing. It'll get done.. eventually! I have a print to hang in it but I sort of like the quirkiness of an empty frame for now.

And let's keep it real.. there is a gallery of unfinished projects underneath this gallery wall. Craftiness sure is cluttery sometimes! Well.. until next time!